Freelenz is ...

a one-man-working-at-home office, founded by Ewald Natter, a web developer from the get-go. Back in 1997 he began plugging MS Access databases into websites, at times when PHP and mySQL were yet to discover. Likewise he would already play around with DHTML while Ajax still being referred as a dishwash detergent – rather than an Internet technology.

Over and over again he has been asked to do Internet projects so that one fine spring day, he decided to run his own business, named Freelenz.
(Translator's note: Lenz is an ancient German word meaning spring)

Anyone these days deciding to work with Freelenz does not only obtain professional results, he or she will also enjoy a very personal and yet uncomplicated cooperation. No bubble-tech-web-two-point-oh-talk. Promised.

Imaginative drafting, careful and clean coding, tapping the full potential of possibilities, respond to any of his customer's wishes — these are the freelenzer's goodnesses. Oh yes, and a downright thorough eye for detail.

And no, we don't have no deer antler decorating the office.
It's just symbolic.

Freelenz does ...

both designing and programming:
  • Logo and Corporate Identity
  • Poster/Leaflet design
  • Website/Blog design
  • Content Management Systems
  • PHP/mySQL programming
  • Ajax implementations
  • Algorithm development

Freelenz also enjoys to work with partners, such as: