Looking back and forth

Last post from July 2009? This might have looked like an early retirement I guess. Not that there weren’t any news to tell. Quite the contrary would be the case. The last six months were quite heavy. Worked a lot, learnt a lot, thought a lot. So now having lots of plans and courage.

Just one after the other. Last quarters brought some bigger jobs and partnerships. And one of those cooperations will lead into a new company soon, at least that’s what I’m talking and thinking about quite a lot these days. Furthermore I was very pleased that Vienna based agendy Knallgrau (merged with Virtual Identity AG in the meantime) got me on board to work on different projects for clients like voestalpine and Philips. And then there was a boat-load of screendesign to do, for yacht charter businesses, online music quizzes and vacation portals. So the portfolio will gloom in new splendour soon.

Right now doing last tweaks on a regional community website focussing on trend sports, I’ll have fulfilled a good part of my order books – being eager to work on new things, ideas and sure there are other plants which I should be pouring at times.

And yes, I’ll try my best to write at more regular intervals again.
So long, stay tuned and happy easter ex ante.

Because logo CDs are 20th century

and also because the administration, conversion, transfer and delivery of logos has been a pain in the ass for creatives ever since, my fellow collegues across the Arlberg decided to strike back and fight the very common and well-known logo madness — with Logobay.


Logobay is a web application which does not only play a bunch of conversion tricks (EPS in, many formats out). At the same time it acts as an administration center, a logo hub and as a secure public archive. And did I mention that it comes for free?

Freelenz delivered plenty of code (HTML/CSS), as well as a multi-language WordPress system for the public website, coming along with FAQs and a forum, among other things.

Freelenz Textiles


Freelenz now got its own fan articles Spreadshirt shop. He who wants to wear fancy lettering on his chest can help himself and order some textiles. All sizes. Free of comission. Issue pricing of Spreadshirt. Cause no ad, you’re dead. ;-)


Mesnerhof Community Tirol

Currently I’m working on an interesting local project, the Mesnerhof. It is an old tyrolean farmhouse which is being restored and will soon be open for anyone who wants to skip the rat race for a while and spend some time in quite remoteness and beautiful Austrian mountains. So everyone can contribute to save the world alm and join the community. The accordant website will be online soon. In the meantime I can show off some ongoing design work right here.