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Mesnerhof Community Tirol

Currently I’m working on an interesting local project, the Mesnerhof. It is an old tyrolean farmhouse which is being restored and will soon be open for anyone who wants to skip the rat race for a while and spend some time in quite remoteness and beautiful Austrian mountains. So everyone can contribute to save the world alm and join the community. The accordant website will be online soon. In the meantime I can show off some ongoing design work right here.


New year, new logo


Sooner or later, all most logos look kind of frumpy and out-dated. And because this year is going to have some extra-verve (has anyone talked about crisis lately?), it might be nothing but opportune, to gain on aerodynamics. The lettering now forms a unit, no interruptions on lines anymore and some additional dynamics through a bit less straightness – those are the main changes. Speaking of fonts, I’m still using wonderful Bello, just the “F” gut a little extra tuition this time.

So right now this has still draft-status (just couldn’t resist to show it already). Opinions and comments are welcome. In case I (and you too, of course) still like it by next week, consider this my new logo. Business cards, stationery and such will come shortly after. Finally.

News from this year’s silly season

Last blogpost was long time ago, so I guess it would be about time for a status report before people start considering me either dead or bankrupt.

So, quite recently I have been doing this really nice Photoshop-Grass-Text-Effect-Tutorial, which was fun. And it does not hurt practicing the proper handling of the pen tool and blending modes from time to time. So this is what came out.

Now, anyone who is thinking I’d have spent the last two months cutting single tiny blades of grass in Photoshop — is wrong, of course. There have been quite an emerge of new big projects coming from Lovely Systems. One thing went online short time ago. And I have just signed an NDA regarding another one, so I will be wary of spilling the beans about that.

Further there was small but grateful logo and illustration assignment for a US based neighborhood portal. Sorry, still top secret, too. But not for much longer I suppose. And finally I was very pleased to welcome a new customer from Vienna — including the challenge of designing the perfect GUI for some extensive web applications. ~ quick and dirty

Die 3 Friseure (the 3 hairdressers) is an emerging, yet successful cabaret group featuring Daniel Amann, Stefan Beer and Bernhard Widerin. As they have continiously been winning not only awards but also quite an audience, they thought it was about time to kick out their ugly, old and amateurish website and get a new one, preferably affordable but still cool and everything.

That’s where Freelenz came in and that’s also exactly what came out. Behind the curtain there is WordPress. In front there are some original hand drawings from Stefan himself. And as for me, I can’t tell how glad I was being allowed to get a little dirty, after doing way too much clean and shiny web 2.0 stuff these days.