dreifriseure.com ~ quick and dirty

Die 3 Friseure (the 3 hairdressers) is an emerging, yet successful cabaret group featuring Daniel Amann, Stefan Beer and Bernhard Widerin. As they have continiously been winning not only awards but also quite an audience, they thought it was about time to kick out their ugly, old and amateurish website and get a new one, preferably affordable but still cool and everything.

That’s where Freelenz came in and that’s also exactly what came out. Behind the curtain there is WordPress. In front there are some original hand drawings from Stefan himself. And as for me, I can’t tell how glad I was being allowed to get a little dirty, after doing way too much clean and shiny web 2.0 stuff these days.

Stefan  – June 10, 2008 20:47

Cool stuff!

Alfons  – June 11, 2008 11:00

Schaut mal wieder total geil aus. Guru! :-)

Thomas  – June 11, 2008 11:57

sehr schick. werd auch mal zu den drei friseuren gehn.

mc katz  – June 15, 2008 21:06

wunderbar. die schönste heimatseite die ich kenne.

dr love  – June 17, 2008 07:26

…und auch so schöne zeichnungen…

Ewald Natter  – June 19, 2008 16:36

Ja, und überhaupt ist Handgezeichnetes im Web grad im Kommen. Sagt jedenfalls das Smashing Magazine. Die wissen das. Wir liegen also gut im Trend. ;-)

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